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"Each time, I would come up with an idea and run it by Steve he would take it in and come up with the solution, what impresses me about the process is that we would arrive at the solution together, Steve would listen then employ or advise, but always with careful listening"


PHP-MySQL development
PHP is scripting language that can be used in conjunction with the popular MYSQL database to implement a variety of dynamic and database driven website features. It is actually surprising how useful these can be when used with a website. There are an infinite variety of functions you can create with these tools, from displaying simple lists to creating an architecture that makes updating the design and content of your site a snap. Some examples of how PHP and or MySQL have been used by me include:
  • We use a bit of PHP to automatically update the copyright year in the footer of this site. It will automatically change to reflect the current year. Don't believe me? Just come back and check the page again next year. You'll see!
  • A lot of information in web sites are listings of various types. Products, menus, lists of friends or events. With a database backend it's possible for site owners to make content updates without having any knowledge of HTML or directly edit a web page.
  • Do you offer specials or promo's to your customers? Take a look at Common Crow's web page. Every month they provide their customers with a specials sheet. We represented this on their web page in the form of a grocery store coupon, that randomly changes every time the page reloads. Each month they update the coupon database through their password protected backend to provide unique content that entices customers to come back again and again.
  • Online Portfolio's... Say you're an artist. Say you have some one design a snazzy web site displaying all your best work. Say you get tired of a few of the pictures, or you make some new art that's better. What to do? Do you go back to your original web designer (if you can find them), and have them make countless simple updates for your every new creation? A database driven portfolio is what you need.

    Take a look at decorative painter Jill Pabich's site. You can't tell that her portfolio is database driven, but because it is, she can add a new image, project or category in seconds, all by her self.

    smallfish-design can build you a new portfolio from the ground up, and in most cases seamlessly fit one right into your existing site design.

  • Rotating Text or Images: Why not present your viewer with a little something new every time they come to your site. We designed photographer Keith Johnson's home page to randomly present a different photograph and two different inspirational quotes every tim
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