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"Each time, I would come up with an idea and run it by Steve he would take it in and come up with the solution, what impresses me about the process is that we would arrive at the solution together, Steve would listen then employ or advise, but always with careful listening"


e-commerce solutions
smallfish-design prides itself on being able to develop full featured e-commerce solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We are familiar with several open source and commercial e-commerce applications. So whether you want to sell a single or 10,000 products on the web, we can help you choose and implement a; solution that's appropriate for your business' needs.
Our sage advice on e-commerce solutions is only a click away. So dont hesitate to contact us by email or phone if we can help out.
smallfish-design offers a comprehensive selection of web site design, development and maintenance services geared towards the small business owner and artist. To read about a specific service click on the service's listing to the left. Don't see what you are looking for? Drop us an email, you'll be surprised by what smallfish-design can do.
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