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smallfish-design is a website design and development company specializing in the unique needs of the small business owner and artist.

Our goal is to make affordable, well designed, easy to navigate, content rich, web sites that help you, the small business owner, retain, and acquire customers, increase revenue and expand your visibility on the web.

If you have just recognized the need for a website for your small business, or have a website or design that's not currently meeting your performance expectations, please drop what you're doing and contact us to see how our small business website designs can help your business exceed its goals.


smallfish-design creates professional web designs in Gloucester MA, a stunning seaside community on the North Shore of Boston. We particularly enjoy working within our local community here on Cape Ann.

Here are a couple of small business websites smallfish-design has recently completed...

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At the Cape Ann Healing Center holistic practitioners work together to provide integrative treatments that move to cure and optimize health for their clients.

By offering a diverse array of holistic modalities that complement and integrate with current health care models, they empower clients with the resources to build a future of natural wellness, environmentally friendly lifestyles and sustainable community.

The  Griffin  site integrates WordPress into  a  static  site.  In this instance  not only  is  WordPress used as  a  blog, but it also  powers  their  on-line  store.  Smallfish designed  several  custom post  types and  templates  that power  the  online  galleries and  that  mae  updating  and  archiving  that  material  a  snap.
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